Rogeti TSE Frame
A thoughtfully designed, expertly crafted, light weight & PRECISION solution for architectural, interior and landscape photographers who stitches often. This PARALLAX-FREE solution will save you time in setting up and in post production.
It is the last hurdle to use the state of the art Sony sensors in same ways that expensive tech cameras work.
A godsend for the busy architecture and interior shooters where time and accuracy are paramount in every shot.

For the past 3 years, I've searched and tried every solution in the market, PPL TSE collar, Zoerk rear shift kit, Cambo Actus etc. Nothing really ticks all the boxes, I settled with Zoerk rear shift collar with mixed feelings.
Zoerk solution was quick enough, easy to transport and use, but it is a far cry from precise, something that I was hugely disappointed, considering the "German Engineering" badge it associates with. Years of practice to get used to it, I managed to manually compensate the inaccuracy in order to keep up my shooting pace and post production workflow. I've even started to design my own, have gone as far as meeting product designers to build a prototype.
Now enters the Rogeti TSE Frame.
This beautifully crafted piece of kit is designed by an architect-turned-architectural-photographer, who was dealing with same dilimma that every other architectural photographer faces.
Alpa, Arca Swiss, Cambo, Linhof do offer tech cam solutions with digital backs, but they come with unique problems of their own, LCC, lens colour (that's right, it is spelt "colour") cast. All because the small number of architectural photographers worldwide doesn't warrant the digital back manufacturers' attention, nor resource to create a back that eliminates the cross talk issue.
So the ever-growing-meaningless-megapixels outweigh the quality of each pixel. Nothing new there.
Sony really is the only game changer in the past 5 years, when combined with Canon TS-E lenses, it offers a solution that meet 95% of the market demand. With a rumoured 16 bit colour depth full frame sensor in the works, I cannot wait!
The minor issue with such combination is when using shift to stitch. There are plenty of literatures online explaining parallax, so I'll spare you the technical jargons.
The Rogeti TSE Frame tickes all the boxes, even with a 'wow' factor when you hold it in your hand.
I will be selling my Zoerk brass rings (x2, one for 24mm TS-E and one for 17mm TS-E) and collar, give me a shout if you fancy them, or grab a Rogeti TSE Frame below.